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Matt • I’ve come to your site for the past 7 years, and have enjoyed reading your reviews and updates. I’ll be sad to see you go as I’ve been reading your postings almost daily for the past seven years. Sadly, it looks like I’ll have to change that to the past tense — “existed.” Thanks for giving us so much, over so many years. Rich • I’m very sad to see you go, but very thankful for the past ten years. I’m tangentially involved in the business, (next week I’ll be recording a commentary), but as a fan of films of all stripes and varieties I am sorry to see you go, but very much appreciate the legacy and quality of journalism you have left behind. Please reconsider. Like Cinefantastique, the other publications in your genre have but a fraction of the quality and utility of DVD Journal. I own a small DVD rental chain and have always found your website to be a valuable resource for info and reviews.

B. • I was shocked that your website will no longer be updated. Your work will be missed. If you must close, I am very disappointed, however congratulations to you all for 10 years of fine work. Chris • I was sad to see that you’re ceasing publication but wanted to thank you for all of the hard work that you and your team have put into the site. Tim • “As of this morning, The DVD Journal is ceasing publication.” I could very easily have missed this at the bottom of today’s post, and I very nearly did. As a fellow reviewer (at movieline online) and admirer of your staff’s work, I’d appreciate it if you would pass along my compliments to them for producing hands-down the best DVD “film” analysis on the web. Best of luck to you as you move forward. Thank you and best of luck in the future. Best wishes in whatever you do, and hopefully another site can fill the void you leave (but I’m not counting on it). You console yourself with the grim fact that these men will all be dead soon, so it’s best not to become too close.

This project will look at the problems of plastics (both macro and microplastics) in our oceans and womens straw clutch bag (https://telegra.ph) how it impacts marine organisms from entanglement to bio-accumulation. I love the style, the floaty fit and the tassel detailing which adds a touch of festival boho to the look. This open weave one is totally beach-ready, and the bamboo handles polishes off the look. Paul • Sad to see one of the few reliable DVD sites out there fold its tent. Ian • Upon reading today’s announcement that DVD Journal is shutting down, I experienced a most unwelcome deja vu flashback to when Cinefantastique terminated publication under its original editor – what a shame that a product of such substantial intellectual quality was no longer going to be available! RJ • Sorry to see that your site is shutting down — over the years, it’s been a compelling read and a valuable resource (your New Release Calendar was the most prompt and comprehensive of any site I’ve seen). Jeremy • I was shocked and dismayed to read that you’re shutting down your website — it was one of my regular duties to visit you each Monday and Tuesday religiously.

So thank you again for a wonderful website. It’s a worldwide emergency – that’s why we’re choosing to act. It’s very minimal inside and out, and its simplicity is why I love it so much. Beyond the seeming simplicity and organization of the site was the often humorous and sharp criticism. Your dedication to the film, rather than the indecipherable bit-ratio/mega-something/edge-enhancement/halo-speak that permeates most other dvd reviews, made your site a frequent destination. This was one of my favorite websites, one I recommeded to friends over and over, always my first (and usually only) stop for DVD info, and oftentimes my first stop on a Monday morning for the newest reviews. I just wanted to say that your DVD journal site has been a regular stomping ground of mine and I’ll miss it. I will so miss you guys and hope that this might be temporary, the Journal has given me great joy and insight. I’ll miss you guys. You guys have been a great resource and I am sorry to see you hang up your whatever it is people hang up these days when they quit doing something. You guys have done a fantastic job with the site.

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