Term Detoxification, Alcohol, And Medication Rehab Centers

Sports medication is a specialized branch of orthopaedics that concentrates on the avoidance, diagnosis, therapy, and recovery of injuries and ailments associated with physical activity and sporting activities participation. Healing and recuperation starts with the experts at AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab and rollovers to your every day life, at home and on the go. Our home exercise program app allows you to access your treatment strategy, set suggestions to complete your daily workouts, communicate directly with your therapist and rate your general development, all from your phone or computer.

Our in-patient system includes Independence Square, an one-of-a-kind physical rehabilitation area that designs several real-life settings so you can service the abilities you make use of in day-to-day life– like getting around your home, checking out the grocery store or pharmacy, and navigating visuals and irregular walkways.

You’ll have accessibility to some of the most-advanced physical rehab treatments offered, including Nintendo Wii pc gaming systems to help improve your electric motor abilities and flexibility. Some professional athletes may additionally assume they need to pick in between chronic discomfort and chemical abuse.

Oncology patients often have some really specific needs that can be addressed by physical treatment. Dr. David Garcia is a board-certified physiotherapist, professional operations manager and facility manager at AdventHealth Training Facility. In both in-patient and outpatient settings, you work with a group of very proficient doctors, physiotherapists, rehab specialists, and speech therapists to produce a therapy plan that’s right for you.

He’s dealt with Olympic, MLB, NBA and NFL professional athletes, and is an instructor in our orthopedic physical treatment residency program. Driven by your needs and Bookmarks goals and our expertise, we give a full range of non-invasive therapies for injuries.

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