Sports Med And Rehab Solutions

Sports medicine is a specific branch of orthopaedics that concentrates on the prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and recovery of health problems and injuries related to physical activity and sports involvement. Healing and recovery starts with the professionals at AdventHealth Sports Med and Rehab and carries over to your day-to-day live, in your home and on the go. Our home workout program application allows you to access your therapy plan, established reminders to complete your everyday exercises, connect straight with your therapist and price your overall development, all from your phone or computer.

Our in-patient unit features Independence Square, an unique physical recovery location that versions several real-life settings so you can service the skills you use in day-to-day life– like getting around your apartment or condo, going to the grocery store or drug store, and browsing aesthetics and irregular pathways.

You’ll have access to a few of the most-advanced physical recovery treatments available, including Nintendo Wii pc gaming systems to assist improve your motor skills and flexibility. Some athletes may additionally think they need to pick in between chronic pain and chemical abuse.

Oncology clients sometimes have some really specific requirements that can be dealt with by physical therapy. Dr. David Garcia is a board-certified physiotherapist, scientific procedures manager and facility manager at AdventHealth Training Center. In both outpatient and in-patient settings, you deal with a team of highly knowledgeable doctors, physical therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and speech therapists to create a treatment plan that’s right for you.

He’s dealt with Olympic, MLB, NBA and NFL athletes, and is an instructor in our orthopedic physical treatment residency program. Driven by your needs and Bookmarks goals and our competence, we offer a full series of non-invasive therapies for injuries.

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